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SAAABA Annual Seminar [by Adam Stone]

Keith Edwards, Director of Education, coordinated and moderated this year’s event. After planning a day-long in-person seminar as was customary in past years, the world threw us all a curveball in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, the seminar was replanned as a day-long webinar using GoToWebinar, and Keith still managed to knock it out of the park.

We started the day with Sarah Jennings, CPA, CFE, CAE, and Bethany Verble CPA, CFE (Maner Costerisan), teaching us about the significant impact of fraud on public and private entities. Their presentation covered warning signs of fraud (including the fraud triangle), the harm that fraud can cause to the bottom line, and some strategies for identifying, avoiding, and addressing fraud.

Next, Susan Combs, MBA, PCC (Susan Combs Coaching and Consulting) joined us with a presentation on time management strategies. She shared many of the strategies she uses with her coaching clients to help us figure out how we can get more out of each day.

Before breaking for lunch, Lisa Mazure, CPA, MSA (Controller and Adjunct Faculty – Lansing Community College) covered identification of fiduciary activities under GASB 84 along with the applicable financial reporting requirements.

In the afternoon, Laura Clark (Chief Security Officer – Michigan Department of Technology, Management, and Budget) kicked things off by talking about cybersecurity. We learned about the dangers of cyber threats to individuals and governments, along with strategies for securing networking infrastructure. Laura provided insight from the top about how the State of Michigan is addressing the potential vulnerabilities of its systems.

Stephen Blann, CPA, CGFM, CGMA (Rehmann Robson LLC), addressed some of the implications for COVID 19 governmental accounting. The ongoing pandemic has affected financial activities for just about every government entity in the world, so this was a great chance to hear how GASB guides accountants to handle a number of scenarios that many entities will face during this period of disruption.

Neil Kane (Michigan State University), teacher and self-described serial entrepreneur, introduced us to the blockchain. The content included an overview of the functions and applications of cryptocurrency and other uses of blockchain technology.

The grand finale for our day was Laura Hirst, CPA (Office of the Auditor General), with an update on state auditing. The presentation provided an overview of Michigan’s OAG with comparison to other states’ OAGs. Laura offered some tips for audit subjects with real-life examples. Lastly, her presentation went over the latest happenings in the world of government auditing, including the New Yellow Book.

Thank you to Keith, the rest of the SAAABA Board, and all of this year’s attendees! We hope we will get to see all of our members at this year’s annual meeting in September. Stay tuned for details and updates as the summer progresses.

May2020 Treasurer's Report [by Susan Saari]

As of May 31, 2020

Beginning Cash Balance (10/1/19) 16,025.46
Revenues to date 1,430.90
Expenditures to date (3,731.45)
Net (2,300.55)
Ending Cash Balance (5/31/20) 13,724.91


Savings 8,657.46
Checking 5,067.45
Total Deposits (5/31/20) 13,724.91

April 2020 Treasurer's Report [by Susan Saari]

As of April 30, 2020

Beginning Cash Balance (10/1/19) 16,025.46
Revenues to date 1,430.53
Expenditures to date (3,731.45)
Net (2,300.92)
Ending Cash Balance (4/30/20) 13,724.54


Savings 8,657.09
Checking 5,067.45
Total Deposits (4/30/20) 13,724.54

February 2020 Treasurer's Report [by Susan Saari]

As of February 29, 2020

Beginning Cash Balance (10/1/19) 16,025.46
Revenues to date 1,075.81
Expenditures to date (3,424.59)
Net (2,348.75)
Ending Cash Balance (2/29/20) 13,676.68


Savings 8,656.37
Checking 5,020.31
Total Deposits (2/29/20) 13,676.68